For four generations, we have been raising our farm, according to tradition and have dedicated it all to concept that all life is interconnected with each other. From that notion, we chose to grow the most natural products there is without the interference of modern methods of mass production, sticking to centuries old traditions, thus making high quality products and selling them to our customers.

Unfortunately, one of the things that can quickly become a nuisance on a farm are the very trees on your property, and farmers often find themselves in need of tree removal. Most larger-land owners have faced this problem, and chances are that you will too if you plan on owning a considerable sized portion of land. Many people’s first thought is to try and tackle this problem on their own, however, countless people have been injured this way. We would highly recommend Precision Tree Service for any Tree Services in Everett, or the surrounding areas.

Poultry farming and sheep farming have been around for many centuries, and its history can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians’ way of handling their agriculture. Over the centuries back to the present, some of its methods still remained, while modern methods have been incorporated to produce livestock faster. Poultry is farmed in high volumes, with the chicken dominating the numbers. Chickens alone make up the more than fifty billion annually as a food source, including their eggs and their meat. But in our case, we naturally grow our poultry farms without stressing the chickens, thus giving you the best quality meat.

We have been taking care of our sheep care and in the natural way, which is our source for producing wool and natural fiber yarns. They are caged in a farm and they are free to roam around it, without being restricted to confined spaces like you see in mass production farms. You will personally see the sheep here eating their own grass wherever they want to. This is how our chickens are taken care of as well – free to roam in order to produce the best eggs and the best meat.

Those who care about our sheep’s wool will be delighted to know that we offer workshops and lesson about felting, knitting, weaving and spinning, designed for both the adults and the children. Handspinning brings a lot of satisfaction because you are personally spinning a yarn that will be part of the final price you will be creating.’

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