Merits And Demerits Of Log Cabin Homes/Sheds

If you happen to visit European countries, you will find that the homes are mostly in wooden. They love such structural homes than the concrete ones. More than modern homes, log homes are preferred these days, due to its closeness to Nature. Nature is the best friend to any person, and time again it’s been proved. Log cabin homes are natives to Americans. They were built for its simple structural design which doesn’t need too much of work and maintenance. They used natural resources that were easily available and made homes out of it. But, today's log homes have most exquisite designs and are becoming complex in the building. Yet they are the most beneficial homes on earth.

Few of the benefits of staying in log cabins:

Energy efficient:

Our concrete jungles are extremely pathetic when compared to these log homes. Logs are natural insulators, maintaining the temperatures. They are far better than the conventional homes, that we live in. they keep you cool in the summers and warm in the winters, while our conventional concrete homes are the reverse.

They can be built with Recycled Materials:

Log cabins and homes can be built using recycled materials too. Trees that have died due to pests and insects and taken for such log homes construction and it fits well. These logs are treated and processed and further used in making logs for construction. They are totally safe. Why should we waste such a precious resource? Finding such better alternatives will give us a room to sleep and stay good to nature and protect our future.

Peaceful living:

Are you stressed due to city's sounds and noise pollution? Want to live in a quiet place for a while? Then head to log homes. they are perfect for a peaceful living. The thick wood logs shun the sound from outside and give a calmer home. you can peacefully live there, without any disturbances, just the sounds of nature. Real Capital Analytics: Commercial Real Estate Database.

Wow factor:

Staying simple yet elegant, these log homes can be masterpieces of beauty when crafted well. Exposed ridgepoles and angled trusses all through the home gives a grandiosity never seen before. They give space for providing grand entrances to homes, adding to the wow factor!

Great designs:

Log homes have become a form of art these days. They are beautiful in their simplicity when added a touch of grandness they become extraordinary! The pick and peels of logs, different cuts were given to add that beauty, is a masterpiece in itself. Handcrafted pieces are always worth admiring, imagine the old homes that are specially crafted for you, they become more admiring and beautiful.


Wood is stronger than the concrete. The homes are built in areas considering their weather extremities, so they are bound to be strong, withstanding high climatic conditions. You can find many such structures in America and European countries standing tall and straight. They look a monument even till date, with no climatic changes on them.

Well, while these remain the merits, there are few demerits to this project too. look into it. They are complicated for any electric works and wiring. Termites and beetles will feed on your home. New logs may tend to pop or crack in the beginning, leading to many further nuisances. Cedar logs are always best but are extremely expensive.

Carpenter, bumble bees, and woodpeckers might find your home as theirs and your peace of living might be disturbed. Full log home has no insulators within them. they remain similar to our concrete homes, too hot in summer and too cold in winter. The logs also shrink and when they do, you need to keep caulking between them. they shrink up to 1.5 to 3 inches at a time They need to be sealed or stained every 3 years, to protect the wood from pests, rain, heavy sun and other things. if not properly maintained, they may turn into dangerous places to live in.

The sealant for log homes is expensive. Instead, you may think painting a home! When it comes to selling a new home, it becomes difficult. The type of wood used, style design and everything should be considered by the buyer and you too for selling purposes.